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27/September - Sigh. I didn't want it to come to this but at this point, the strip is gonna have to go on hiatus.

Short answer is i've been in a creative funk for months and i don't want to give you guys half assed comics.

The strip will be back one way or another. Either when i work out my creative problems or Chris might be getting another artist to continue the work. Either way, this is not the end of the cases of Richard Smith.

Just bare with us for a while ^^


16/August - And thus ends the first case. There will be a brief interlude (but not without new comics - we wouldn't dare deprive you of your weekly dose of Detective Project), after which the next story will be underway.

Hope you're enjoying the comic, and if you are (or even if you're not), feel free to let us know in the forum.

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